One musician, one cello, one chair, one music stand and .. whoever wants to listen to beautiful cello music.

A tour with cello music in Rotterdam

Musicalia is a series of live solo concerts by Ania Katynska, a Polish born and Rotterdam based baroque cello player. Musicalia concerts happen in unexpected and often surprising locations. These locations can basically be anything and anywhere, but one thing they’re not:  traditional classical concert venues. No concert halls, but local community centers or homeless shelters, hospitals, a bookstore or perhaps even at your home. Musicalia allows people to listen to and experience the music in their own way. Musicalia does not expect people to sit in their chairs for two hours straight, without being allowed to get up or to talk. People are free to join a concert for as long as they like, they are allowed to move freely. They might enjoy their lunch break or meditate, or perhaps even start dancing. Some concerts will be in fully publicly accessible locations, open for anyone to join. Other concerts might be in people’s ‘safe spaces’, like, for instance a homeless or refugee shelter.  So, no Musicalia concert will be the same, as the outcome great depends on the time and place – and the people present.

During each concert, the performer – Ania Katynska –  will try to ‘read the room’ and become part of that very room, to be part of the group of people, rather than being set apart from them. Ania wants to communicate and connect with them on both a musical and a deeper, personal level, sharing with them how she herself experiences the music that she’s playing. With Musicalia, there is room for questions, for conversations, for dialogue. Why the same piece might sound different every time and why live music and concerts are so important. Ania aims to give the audience an out of the ordinary musical experience, one that might evoke some deep and heartfelt emotions as well.

The musical pieces she will perform are pieces for cello solo from the baroque era, mostly the Suites for the unaccompanied cello by Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 1007 – 1011). Musical pieces that are very, very well known, even if people don’t even realise it. Perhaps they might not know their names or not even the name of the composers, but the music will often sound familiar to them.  A lot of the famous Bach Suites were used in movies and commercials and there are numerous recordings of them. Musicalia gives Ania the opportunity to rediscover these famous cello suites by playing them in a far from traditional concert environment.

Musicalia brings the soothing and healing power of classical cello suites to the people in a highly personal and even intimate setting – as opposed to most regular classical concert, with musicians performing on a distant stage. With Musicalia, the performer is as much part of the room as the audience, allowing the people to fully participate in performer’s emotions.

Musicalia offers two types of concerts:

1. Concerts on pre-selected locations (that fit within the Musicalia concept): 

The goal here is to bring music to people who need it, in places where they live or places where they often come. Places and locations of social-cultural significance, such as community centers, homeless shelters or a hospital or even a hospice. Concerts can be open to anyone to walk in but also might be private, closed concerts for a specific group of people.There will be no ticket sales, no reservations and such. Instead, people are free to come and go as they please. We just want them to be in the moment there, together with Ania performing and with the music, to relax, meditate, pray, think or feel. Or just sit and empty the mind and connect with the music.

2. Concerts on request (can be ordered by filling in our online contact form)

Both private individuals and non-commercial organisations are able to request a Musicalia concert. There is ONE important condition though:  Ania will only perform these concerts for those who are not able to attend regular classical concerts, for instance because they can’t afford to pay expensive concert tickets or because of ill health, or any other reason. Each request for this type of concert needs to come with a personal motivation: why do you want or need a Musicalia concert? Or why would you give someone else the chance to experience it? Share your story with us by filling in our online contact form.

3. Support us by booking a paid concert

With the support of Droom & Daad,  we have secured funding for the first series of Musicalia concerts for September – December 2021. We would love to continue our mission to connect people through the power of baroque cello music after that as well. You help us realise our goal AND you can experience Musicalia yourself, at your home or your office, by booking a paid concert. Simply fill in our online contact form for more information.

Perhaps you are not a lover of classical cello music but you’d like to support us regardless of musical taste? In that case, you can support us by clicking our donate button!

We are looking forward to creating beautiful Musicalia moments together with you!

Corona & Privacy disclaimer:

All concerts are subject to then applicable and official government measures with regards to corona/covid19. We will not take any photos or shoot any video material of the public unless discussed otherwise beforehand.  Please read our Privacy Policy.

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Musicalia is a concept and project by Ania Katynska and realised with the support of Droom & Daad 


Meet the team

Anya Katynska

Ania Katynska is a baroque cello and viola da gamba player based since 2014 in Rotterdam. She played in most European countries with ensembles such as Concerto Copenhagen, Vox Luminis, European Baroque Orchestra, Le Parlement de Musique, Le Concert Lorraine, Luthers Bach Ensemble and Wroclaw Baroque Orchestra under conductors such as Masaaki Suzuki, Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Hervé Niquet, Enrico Onofri, Martin Gester.
Ania is currently a member of a fortepiano trio Più Corde and quartet Nova Vita.
Next to her playing career, Ania also organises concerts and teaches at her private studio in Rotterdam.

Christy de Witt

Christy de Witt is an experienced and still ever so curious creative professional, based in Rotterdam. She has a big thing for cultural and social ‘’grass roots’’ projects and community building.

For Musicalia, she offers project support from fundraising to communications and more!

Christy is also an internationally active visual artist and illustrator.


Musicalia performance
Music for cello solo from baroque period

  • 2 hours
  • Rotterdam


The fee for these performances is paid from the subsidy of foundation Droom & Daad. We have enough funds for 16 performances. After that we can continue only if we manage to get some extra funding. Those performances can take place in Rotterdam only, in places which are not concert halls.

Concert paid+1 sponsored
Concert with pieces for cello solo

  • Customer’s Place

This concert can take place wherever in The Netherlands. The programme can be chosen from the repertoire list, which consists of Bach Suites for cello solo no. 1 -5 and capriccios for by Evaristo Dall’Abaco. Ania will play maximum 4 suites and 2 capriccios on one concert. Each suite is 20-25 minutes and each capriccio is 2-4 minutes. The price may seem high to you, but keep in mind, that preparing such a programme costs a lot of time. If Ania had to prepare all these pieces just for one concert, it would need to be much more expensive than that. But as she is preparing this programme for minimum 16 performances, the preparation time is divided between them. And you know what the best part is? For each of these concerts Ania will add one more concert to the subsidy covered batch. So it is one of a kind pay for one and get two. That means basically that you also sponsor one concert for people who cannot afford it themselves.

Musicalia concert paid
Concert with pieces for cello solo

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Starting from €150
  • The Netherlands

This is a concert made to measure. You can choose the length yourself, also if the concert should be with a break or without. The length can be from 30 minutes (just one suite of J.S. Bach then) till 2,5 hours (with a break, max. four suites and two capriccios by Dall’Abaco).

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Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 36 hours prior to a scheduled performance.

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