I notice a lot of people think about life is easy. We go on stage, get a lot of attention, quite some money for a few hours of work, and appreciation.

But is it really everything? Not at all. Today is Saturday. I was with my son all day, then we ate the supper outside and chatted with my neighbours. After they stayed to enjoy their evening, I went to practice while my husband was putting our son to bed. That is only one of the examples. People with “normal lives” often do not know how much work happens behind the scenes. How many hours it takes to prepare a short concert, how many weekends and evenings we spend practising instead of having a day off. We do not have to get to the office early on the weekdays, of course, which probably makes a lot of you jealous, but does it mean we sit at home and do nothing? Not at all. We have to practice every day, listen to music, read something here and there, ask our colleagues, organise our agendas, book travels, teach, take care of our bodies as we use hem in such a strange way by different kinds of sports (and massages if we can afford it), update social media, network, and often be away for a week or more at a time, on a project somewhere, which takes a lot of organising too, especially if you have children. Does it really sound like not a lot to you???

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